What is Insider 502?

Insider 502 is hyperlocal certified relationship database offering detailed, accurate insights about the city's workforce, employers, charities, community resources and economic landscape. Insider 502 offers users access to profiles on Louisville's influential people and organizations to help discover meaningful relationships and drive their decision-making — such as who to hire, where to work, what to support, when to buy, or how to sell.

Where did you find information for Insider 502 profiles?

Insider 502 content is sourced from the media (social and traditional), government reports and filings, financial data, and local businesses and organizations. We have used more than 1,800 sources to date. Click here to see our complete list of sources.

How often will Insider 502 profiles be updated?

Profiles are updated every 60 to 180 days depending on their importance to the community.

How many profiles does Insider 502 contain?

There are more than 4,000 unique profiles in Insider 502. Our curation will continue to add hundreds of new profiles each month. Individuals can also submit information to create their own profile here.

How can I correct information on a profile?

Send an email to support@insider502.com. Please mention the profile and correction. Our team will certify the information and publish any necessary correction.


What is the Insider 502 Rank?

The Insider 502 Influence Rank is a calculation using Insider 502 data to measure an organization’s influence in the community. Key variables in our organization influence formula include how many employees hold community or corporate board positions, the size of the organization, the number of local clients it serves, how many charities it supports, or in the case of nonprofits, how many board members does it have and how large is its budget, the number of trade or professional organizations to which the organization belongs, and whether the local organization has a large social media following, and more.

Key variables in our individual influence formula include whether the person is an elected official or executive, the number of community or corporate boards on which the person sits, how many charities the person supports, the number of professional and civic organizations to which the person belongs, has the person founded a company, whether the person has a large social media following, and more. Individuals have a rank 1 to 5 (represented by Fleur-de-lis on their profile). A rank of five is the best you can do!

How often is the Insider 502 Rank published?

The Insider 502 Rank is updated daily because we’re constantly updating and creating profiles with new information.

Why do I have an Insider 502 profile?

We identified you as an important Louisvillian based on your community involvement and business relationships.

Why don’t I have an Insider 502 profile?

We do not have enough information to thoroughly complete your profile or just haven’t gotten to you yet. Subscribers can apply to submit your own profile here.

Can I submit my own Insider 502 profile?

Yes! If you’re a subscriber, you can create an individual profile or one for your business. Click here to start the application process.

Subscriptions & User

How much does an Insider 502 subscription cost?

An annual subscriptions is $49.95. We’re confident you will find Insider 502’s 4,000+ profiles valuable. If you don’t, we will refund your money in the first 30 days. For corporate subscriptions, please email support@insider502.com.

How can I reset my Insider 502 login?

Click MY ACCOUNT at the top of any Insider 502 page.

I need more information

Why are some names or organization names greyed out?

These are important people and organizations in Louisville but we haven’t completed their profile yet. Stay tuned! We will get to them in the near future.

Can I make a request to have an organization or individual profiled?

Of course! Send us an email to support@insider502.com .

How can I request more information about Insider 502 data?

Please send your request to support@insider502.com.

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