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Everyone is connected in some way in our community. For generations, the first question anyone asked a new acquaintance was “What high school did you go to?” The answer generally led to certain assumptions, most of which would be incorrect.

It is how we in Louisville attempt to connect the dots and see how we are connected to each other. Now, your fellow locals at Insider Louisville have created a hyperlocal relationship database of local shakers-and-movers, along with businesses and organizations that is quantified and updated continuously.

It is called: Insider 502.

When your networking is driven by substantive, shared interests you’ve identified through serious research, it will be more authentic and meaningful and is more likely to lead to relationships that have those qualities too.

  • If you’re a new employee and want to learn more about your colleagues, Insider 502 has hyperlocal relationship data to identify what they care about and how they are involved in the community.
  • If you’re new to Louisville, Insider 502 can identify several ways to connect with people, employers, charities, and networking groups.
  • If you’re growing your business, Insider 502 can find people with shared interest you’re able to serve.
  • If you’re in fundraising, Insider 502 can find influential people and organizations that care about your cause.
  • If you’re a startup looking for financing or a board member, Insider 502 can find the people and organizations that can champion your ideas based on the data we have on their local relationships and shared interests.
  • You can also impress your friends and coworkers about your local knowledge and ability to unlock the local relationship code. It’s safe to say you will win any local relationship trivia contest with Insider 502.

Start discovering meaningful connections with Insider 502.

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